The Prehistoric Prologue

Jump inside Book One of The Magic Bookcase series, the latest in Scottish History for young readers!

Maggie thinks Granda’ might be pulling her leg when he reveals that the huge bookcase sitting in his living room is, in fact, magical. Not until they lay one of its books open on the carpet and jump inside does she start to believe – and then their adventure begins!

Join Maggie and Granda as they take a step inside Scotland’s history to meet some of its first inhabitants, making a life for themselves after the last Ice Age. They’ll have to watch out, however, because it won’t be easy explaining their presence to people who still use stone tools and make their living from the land…

Whilst safety may not be guaranteed, one thing is for sure: Maggie is about to embark on the most hands-on history lessons any kid has ever had!



The author of what will become a fantastic series, Megan Murray, can still remember the first book she could read by herself, and the magic of connecting marks on a page with meaning. From then on, she found it hard to put books down and it wasn’t long before she was writing stories of her own…

In 2009, Megan won a writing competition and ended up in Australia, working on a farm. While there, she decided that she wanted to take her lifelong love of books and turn it into a career. After spending four years at the University of Glasgow, Megan graduated with a First Class Honours degree in English Language. Having also been able to study Archaeology and Scottish History along the way, it was at university that she began to form the idea for her first children’s book – combining her love of Scotland with her love of books and adventure. The Magic Bookcase series was born.

After graduating Megan began writing – and hasn’t stopped since. She self-published the first novel in the series, The Prehistoric Prologue, in Autumn 2017.

Megan lives in Gourock with her very patient parents who are always (outwardly) enthusiastic guinea-pig readers and sounding-boards for new ideas. In her spare time, Megan enjoys singing, playing piano and guitar and bagging Munros.


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