Rosehip & Rhubarb Hot Toddy Concoction

With A Twist Of Ginger

Rosehip is the fruit of the rose and is reputed to be the most prolific plant source of vitamin C in the historic Scotland
Our forefathers drank the juice of the Rhubarb to reduce inflamation and pain during illness or after injury
When travellers disclosed that ginger dispersed their motion sickness it was added to the concoction and became a legendary panacea for all ills.

Nowadays we drink it as an alternative to tea and coffee, as a soother or just because it tastes braw!
as passed on by ‘the Toddy Man’.


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DON’T allow your mind to dwell on negative factors and visualise the joy of release from this torment by the application of the WARRIOR WATER.

Now prepare your Toddy with anticipation and relish – much in the fashion of the Chinese tea ceremony or even the pre-battle ritual of the All-Blacks Haka.
One Part Spirt (OR  NOT!) – Two Parts Toddy  – Four Parts Boiling Water
Now inhale through nose and mouth – The rich steam will release congestion
And then sip your Hot Toddy as you would in appreciation of a comforting lover as the theatre of your mind effectively releases you from torment
Smile inwardly in the knowledge that you are experiencing the coineagh

Each bottle contains 500ml of concentrated Toddy


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