“Lucky Tatties” Luxury Scented Candle Tin

Sweet & fruity with warm cinnamon spice… An old favourite

Lucky Tatties were a prized sweet for us kids back in the 60’s. They were quite a size, solid white fondant, sometimes with an orangey flavour and covered in cinnamon powder.

At threepence each you could be faced with a bit of a dilemma! Do you buy 3 items from the penny tray or 1 Lucky Tattie? What swayed the occasional Lucky Tattie purchase was that they had wee charms inside, usually a plastic animal or something like that.

You wouldn’t get away with that these days with the “ ‘elf and safety police” reminding us of the “risk of choking”!

This great smelling cinnamon and orange Lucky Tatties McKelvie Scented Candle is a welcome reminder of that old sweet – and still with much charm.



Although not the largest tinned candle, McKelvie tins give you market leading burn times of around 50 hours each, although in independent consumer tests correctly burned candles have achieved over 60 hours of use! So they help to enhance the ambience of candlelight longer than others by around 20 hours extra.
Although small in size, they are most definitely BIG in fragrance. McKelvie tins are also designed with a small indent on the top of the lid to allow you to sit the tin on top… just to make double sure your surfaces are protected.

  • Finished with beautiful glass chips to create a unique and stunning finish
  • Specially designed tartan labels, designed in house at McKelvie
  • 50 hour burn time per tin
  • Size approx 8cm x 6.5cm
  • Approx weight 280g
  • Lid acts as a coaster stand to help protect surfaces from heat
  • Follow supplied care instructions to maximise your fragrant enjoyment


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