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lavender oil, flowering branches and a bottle with dropper isolated on a white background

Working in partnership with one of the UK’s most respected artisan perfumers and one of the oldest family owned fragrance houses in Grasse our fragrances are created using over 100 different essential oils including
Chinese Eucalyptus Oil, Madagascan Clove Oil, American Cedar Wood Oil, Haitian Vetyver Oil, Egyptian Geranium Oil, Indian Patchouli Oil, Italian lemon OIl and many more.

You simply will not find a better quality candle anywhere else…
that’s why we have so many satisfied customers.

Fragrance or Olfactory groups allow individual perfumes to be be classified according to their key olfactory / fragrance characteristics.  They are created by grouping together the raw materials like spices, citrus or flowers or by the traditional accords such as oriental or chypre.  Most people are not sure which group they prefer and some that are convinced they only like ‘florals’ can be quite surprised to find they may enjoy a fragrance classified as ‘woody’.  So go on dive in and see what takes your fancy?